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PARK PAYS Terms and condition:

User can get free Signup in "PARK PAYS".

User can register with “PARK PAYS” by using of valid email id.

User age limit is 12 and above to get register in “PARK PAYS”.

Users can make free audio/video call by using of chat in “PARK PAYS”.

Users can create blogs in our “PARK PAYS”.

“PARK PAYS”, will not encourage any harassment, nude, adult or abusing.

Get verification is not a mandatory process, if user would like to get verified by our technical team. User has to submit one government id proof and Verified user will be indicated as ✓.

Users can login by using of social buttons, which we are providing in our website.

Users can delete or create an account in “PARK PAYS” as of choice.

Users can report any unwanted content, post, video. If user wants to block any other unwanted users.

“PARK PAYS” introduces a new feture, Users will get point while getting signup or posting posts, likes, shares, comments.

Using of those reward points, user can redeem any gift from “PARK PAYS” gift shop.

If user can purchase any item by using of "MARKET PLACE" in "PARK PAYS".



 *VALIDATION OF REWARDS/BENEFITS/OFFERS will decides/declare by the company

 *BLOCK/ALLOWING OF THE USER Rights reserved by the company

 *user will be under vigilance of the company

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If you have any questions about these policies and queries.

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Updated – 1-JANUARY-2016

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PARK PAYS Anti-Spam Policy

PARK PAYS has Zero Tolerance for Spam :

We do not spam or condone spamming in any way at all. If you think you have been spammed by us then we ask that you contact us with the details (Use the link below), please save the spam email as we will need to see it, & you can be assured we will fully investigate the matter.

If you have received an email from a third party we are not responsible for that person/website & you will need to contact them or their service provider to resolve it.

We advise you to make sure you have not signed up for information via a newsletter, group, third party website, opt-in email list, get paid to read emails site, etc before you contact us as we have arrangements with others who may advertise on our behalf.

Any attempt to undermine or cause harm to "PARK PAYS" service, a customer, client, affiliate or associate is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, deformation, libel, hacking, and theft.

You also confirm that you have read & agree to all "PARK PAYS" Terms and conditions

Please note: Contacting us will not stop them

Hence here company means , it’s nothing but “PARK PAYS” and it is one of the limited company of “Devi's Park Pays Network Private Limited “.