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"ParkPays" is one of the limited company from “Devi's Park Pays Network Private Limited “and it is an incorporated company.

"ParkPays" is an social networking site. All our services are unique and very useful from user’s end. First time in a social networking site, E-commerce companies are being introduced to our website. Using “ ParkPays ” users can connect with friends and family, meet new people through the connections they already have, find people with similar interests, backgrounds or geographical locations, join groups by activity, school or interest, interact through message posts, games, polls, forum, blogs and application sharing, and share your details with the Internet community.

In general people go to PARK to get and feel entertainment and they enjoy as they want, It is exactly the same in ParkPays too. People will not get paid or rewarded from their entertainment in a Park; but, whereas in ParkPays users will get reward points for signup, post, share, like, comment. Using of these credit points, users can purchase gifts, dresses, cakes from our Website Market place, and Gift shop option in “ParkPays”.

“ParkPays” has its own uniqueness.

1. Free Signup.

2. "PARK PAYS" gives reward points to all users based on "credit points". Using these points users can purchase items in ParkPays Gift shop.

3. Users get the credit points based on Post, Shares, Likes, comments in "PARK PAYS" website.

4. Credit points are decided by the admin and it will be informed to users through mail or through push notifications.

5. Free from adult content.

6. Age Limit is above “12” years.

7. Get Connected With Friends.

8. Get Verified By Our Team. Verification is not a mandatory process. Users want to verify by admin. User can just click on “verified” option in the profile page.

9. Surprise Announcements for Users.

10. Get Rewards for user activities.

11. Users can make free audio and video calls.

12. Users can create free blogs.

13. Users can post opinion polls.

14. Users can create pages.

15. Users can create Groups.

16. Users can chat with friends.

17. Discover option is in the website. Where users can see the # hash tags and mentioned.

18. Market place is an option where users can place items in that option.

19. Expressions are there to show what user is thinking about the shared post by others.

20. Like and dislike option is there.

21. Users can create Forum,users can discuss on any topic in Forum.

22. Latest viewed profile. This option will show you that who has recently viewed the user’s profile.

23. Notifications. With audio, notification alerts will informed that likes, comments, shares. It is just like a reminder.

24. User can pin a post with friends.

25. Locations can be shared. Users can use this as an option to show community friends that, where the user is at that particular time.

26. Users can post audio/video files.

27. Users can create Events. It will help that, to inform or invite any one to a particular event. Just post that event and invite whom you would like to invite.

28. Find friends option is in the website. Using that option users can search friends.

29. Users can login to “Park Pays”, by using of user name or email. Also users can share any content, using of given social share buttons in the website.

30. Post/ photo privacy option is there. Where, users can restrict the post/photo.

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